Reforged Community is alive!

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Reforged Community is alive!

Post by xNelee » Mon May 18, 2020 10:38 am

Generally I noticed that many people believe or spread rumors that TWRPG is not alive/unplayed on reforged but thats not clearly true.

There are various communities on reforged, both on NA and EU server, that beat basically every boss in the game (EU beats valt/df up to ifrit, NA beats everything even though they sometimes play on 1.28 as well)

Small reminder that the endgame is pretty much populated here and you can also get endgame gear on those servers if you prefer playing with an english speaking community there. It might be tough (similarly to EB) to get a group to farm up to Skeletal King (considered 'high bosses') or surpass the hurdle to get to sd, but you can easily play here if you communicate with people in the lobbies as we are open to have/promote new players. We are always happy to have more players in our communities! Also: unlike it used to be the game is NO LONGER having ANY restrictions on reforged so you can play it without ANY ISSUES there!

So yea, if you prefer playing on reforged you can consider it and you WILL generally find people to play with. You can also DM me preferably on discord (Pleb#0001) if you look for an EU group to play high/endgame content with.

Greetings, x3Nelee3x (Pleb)

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