Help for 3 Man Mid/hight game boss.

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Help for 3 Man Mid/hight game boss.

Post by Danega »

Hey guys.
We are a group a 3-4 friends playing in a LAN environment and we now managed to kill bosses up to Flame nightmare and Corruptor Rectus consistently.

Thanks to Astral's guide we are updated about what the next bosses we are going to face do, but it is still pretty difficult to master those guides.
We easily find videos about a fullteam or soloing with endgame Gear clear, but in those case the general idea is pretty much burst. So we are lacking some good content to follow as we do not have such burst with our equipement.

So my request is the following:
Can some of you make us a clean replay with a 3/4 mans clear on those bosses :
-Skeleton King
-Ancient Ent
-Bone Dragon
-Zombie Lord
-Archangel Samael.

Classes doesn't really matters, we just need the general idea on how to defeat those bosses with such few players.

Thanks in advance for those who will be willing to help us.
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Re: Help for 3 Man Mid/hight game boss.

Post by Urim03 »

Well I didn't play the game for a while so I hope I'm not outdated (someone will probably correct me if I say some bs), but there is certainly many ways to clean those up depending on your team. So it's hard to give a real strategy, would be easier to figure out a way with what you have, so ima juste give some general tip.

First of all, BD is probably the easiest but you should focus on SK, as his drop are usually much more useful and will help you more on drops, but then again I'm sure it can depend on characters...

SK : at 75%, 50% and 25% he uses a spell we call stomp, that instakill everyone in 600 AoE (it's a passive, not a cast of the boss). You need to proc those safely in order to guarantee an easy kill. Some characters have the ability to tank instakill spells (like berzerker, formidable tank on this fight), but there are some other that can dodge it, either by moving away fast before it happens, or by becoming untargettable (SM's T for example). Easiest would be to proc those stomp with ranged dps, with a tank that will hold the boss away from rest of team, and a support that heals up.
When boss is under 60% hp, he can use a spell we call rain or fall, the text should be : "fall in despair". It's a cast spell that can be interrupted with stun, it instakills everyone in area that doesn't sit in skulls (skulls that damage strongly people on it), and has 1 min cd if my memory is correct. Ideally the boss will cast this spell only once, it's pretty easy to dodge but the skeletons can pull you under fall and kill you. That's why if you want a smooth run, you burst damage to 60% of his health, let him fall, and try finnish him before the 2nd fall. The first one will happen before the first skeleton gets to pull, and the 2nd will never happen.
Other spells are wave, that slows and deals some damage (20k iirc, much higher damage against summons (80k iirc))
push, push away units in ~600 AoE, heals from it and reduces max hp of the unit. (if the fight lasts too long, you'll end up with less than 20k hp)
Silence, silences people in an area (about 300 AoE), pretty hard to dodge even if you are experimented, so you'll just have to deal with it.
Skeleton pull, already mentionned it, there are 8 mini skeletons max that will appear, can kill them (very easy if frozen, takes 3x or 4x damage) but they'll respawn. When they are full mana they pull someone and stun for about a sec total.
There is also a general degeneration in area, 400 hp/sec iirc, this is degeneration so won't kill, and you can't avoid it but I guess still good to mention.
Also, even if it shouldn't happen to you, you should know that skeletons will heal back to 25% of his life if killed without let him use the fall spell even once, this was just to avoid instakill with overdps. But considering you are only 4 with FN gear this shouldn't happen. Mentionning it so you don't get tempted to perma interrupt his fall spell.

If you want an ideal team, I would say berzerker (tank/dps), int shooter (support), 2 ranged dps (sniper/bow master/etc...), but it can clearly be killed with a lot of different team.

About other boss come back when you killed SK enough times, a bit lazy to write a book that might not even be read. Especially with many guides available of those bosses
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Re: Help for 3 Man Mid/hight game boss.

Post by f412wa »

Actually, I think you can download some of those replays posted on Boss Drop sections. Most of them are group raids.
I personally learn by guidance and involve in fights. It wasn't easy in the beginning, but still you'll get it eventually.

For medium gear - group raid about 3-4 people, it's important to have a support healer (Int Shooter or Priest) -I prefer Priest. The reason for that is you need to stay as long as you can and deal damage overtime to finish those bosses. And Tank (of course!)

The most important thing is have fun!
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Re: Help for 3 Man Mid/hight game boss.

Post by crucibles »

I am hoping and waiting for someone to post replays here as well, as we are a 3man team also.
We killed BD 2 times only because we often fail. Smooth kills on Turtle Lord and lower bosses.

For SK, we are still trying it.
So yeah I want to see how 3-4man groups kill mid/high bosses.
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Re: Help for 3 Man Mid/hight game boss.

Post by f412wa »

Replays can be found in Screenshot and Replay section if you know what you are looking for.

Some players even upload on Youtube for Solo Kill on those bosses but you know, their use pretty much high/end gear. The point is you have to learn those bosses skills and try. You will get it eventually.
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