Guide on killing ancient ent

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Guide on killing ancient ent

Post by crucibles » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:43 pm

I would like to ask if anyone have information how to kill the new ent. A guide on killing it and what chars can do it. Also is it doable with three players?

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Re: Guide on killing ancient ent

Post by terragrande » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:20 am

New AE battle phase goes like this
  1. Damage main body from 100% to 50%
  2. Main Body will summons 2 Elder Ent in the right and left side of him, and main body get 100% damage reduction until one of the elder dies. so the focus of damage will shift to either of them. if main body reach full hp, it will repeat this phase.
  3. the orbs spawning in the field would heal bosses, so need someone or more to take the orb that floating towards main body. the orb does damage to allies which took it so be careful not to take it more than u can manage with ur hp or current gear.
  4. Elder(s) need to be split from main body and the other elder for some distance, otherwise elder and main body would heal significantly. need someone to tank one of the elder and the rest do damage to other one.
  5. Once one of the elders dead, it will summons 5 giant ent randomly over the field. shift the focus of damage to main body till it reach 0 and kill some giant with aoe skill with the main body included so it would make easier to the party, of course if managed to kill elder before the main body HP full. otherwise do damage to other elder and kill all the giant first and repeat the step 2

Skills of bosses that need to be wary :
Main Body
  • Storms, does high damage around 250k to marked area, periodically cast
    pierce barrier, so anti magic shield or frozen robe's active would be useless against this skill, can be blocked by temporary boost of magic reduction/damage reduction buff, going invul states or disappear from maps
  • Earth Spike, does damage to marked area, toss the allies mid air for awhile, can be blocked by ams or barrier
  • Summons Elder, when main body reach full HP, it will summons 2 Elder when his hp reach 50% and get 100% DR till one of them die
  • Immune disable, stuns,silence, and other disable debuff didnt affect main body
  • Reflect damage, the elder goes orange and reflect a portion of damage to dealt to the dealer. need to be break it otherwise it will take some time till it wore off bring knight or lancer to handle this
  • Jump, Once Elder reach 66% and 33% it will mark one of the allies hero and follow him for awhile (red circle) and jump to the marked spot when it changes to fixed mark (orange circle). the jump does instakill. be sure not to move to other elder and main body so they wouldnt trigger heals
its doable by 3 players or if got enough gear to damage one of elder before main body HP goes full

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