Help.... Lightning mage gears

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Help.... Lightning mage gears

Post by Lancer1 » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:46 am

what mid gears good for LM
and what late game gears for LM
thanks in advance :) :) :)

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Re: Help.... Lightning mage gears

Post by Urim03 » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:25 am

That's only my opinion, maybe someone else will disagree.

Mid gear

Weapon : Belius (high stats, give health and very useful stun, but low ad)
Robe : Frozen Robe/Fairy Garment (first is mostly to be able to tank high damage at once, the other is better in any other situation)
Helm : Hood of grim reaper (Prophetia, crown of fervor and devil's horn are other possibilities, but mid gear you quite suffer from lack of survability, devil's horn probably best damage wise if you think you can survive, but I do not recommend yet)
Ring : Latea, the ring of chaos (high stats, gives hp, high skill damage, and there is no good ring giving critic chance at this tier)
Wings : Frozen heart/Fairy wings (FH better imo, as it gives agi and MR allowing you to survive better and critic more, but fairy wings is more damage overall and allow you to tp you in Prius)

End gear

Weapon : Ethenos (upper version of belius, Hell Raiser and some other can be good, but imo Ethenos is most of the time better)
Robe : Diana (Not highest damage robe, but it's too great atm to do anything else in my opinion, WR is also an option but you lose support ability)
Helm : Thunder's horn/Eye of Wallachia (first best damage, but you are very squishy with it. Eye of Wallachia is safer and easier to craft)
Ring : Nephthys/Ring of Time/Latea the ring of overlord/Ispion (really depends on what you are looking for, look on item list to see in what you are interested. By following the same order it is critic damage/reset spell/high stats/utility reason.)
Wings : Grim heart/Soul Eater/Archangel's wings (each have different tools, grim heart probably best to go for)

There you go, I bolded some when I gave many suggestion, it's the one I would go for if I was you
Gib these wings on SM|Image

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