Are thunderers worth it?

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Are thunderers worth it?

Post by Nidalee » Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:01 pm

If I play for end game, when I get max lvl and items, are Thunderers even that strong? I feel like theyre extremely weak compared to virtually every other class and I dont really want to invest so much time on that character if its not worth it. Any end game thunderers that could say otherwise? Thanks :)

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Re: Are thunderers worth it?

Post by qweszaq » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:15 am

Not an endgame thunderer but seen them very frequently on m16.
So its like, this hero is inferior, ok, i mean *inferior* but a lot easier and safer choice than *superior* choices.
For example, Crusader has better mobility and tankyness, but i doubt it would win damage wise with thunderer if we go all out that is.
Martial Artist for sure does more damage but he cant just come close, hit some and just back up efficiently like thunderer with QWR and is not as tanky as thunderer.

Thunderer is just average everything \o/, pros is that its very very strong early and does great with single items, compared to other Agi/Str chars.
Atm i would say its worth it JUST BECAUSE there is no active thunderer players, makes you feel kind of special compared to playing like, BW or Shooter. Also there is no endgame geared thunderer on eng^.

##Edit: if you look for a god tier hero when it comes to melee fighter then go for a knight.

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Re: Are thunderers worth it?

Post by Urim03 » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:03 am

As qwe mentionned, thunderer is quite on the low tier character atm. To be more accurate, his potential is lower than most other champions, but in other hand it's way easier to get to his max potential. Thunderer is mostly able to make boss run smooth and less rng dependant (no critic, not really affected by silence, can ignore some spells), while some other can do 50% better or 50% worse than thunderer depending on situation.

Also even the worst character of the game has very strong impact in a fight when full geared, you don't have to play "top tier" to succeed. Also another good thing of thunderer is that he is pretty good from low tier item to full gear, while some other will feed inexistant until you reach a certain point.

I would say play a character you like to play, more than one you only find strong... As it's a rpg, it's quite better to stick to one only to evolve in the game to a stronger tier. If you want advice on some kind of gameplay you like (high burst, sustainable damage, tank, mixte, support, combo based, with many casts, requires good timings, high skill cap... etc...) feel free to ask.

But if you ask my opinion on strongest champion atm, all god tier character are support (some with little damage), priest wim SW WM alchemist are probably all in top 5 (alchemist also has insane burst also in good situation). If you want a tank, knight is probably strongest, otherwise most of damage dealer are quite equivalent I would say.
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Re: Are thunderers worth it?

Post by Ashmedai » Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:39 pm

Sniper s worse than th sadly
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