[T]he[A] Reaper

Not obligated, but feel free to post any Screenshots or Replays of prestigious events and items
do not make multiple threads, post in the same one and say what item you got in which replay.
i WILL remove your ability to post if you spam multiple threads.

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[T]he[A] Reaper

Post by Aditama » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:04 pm

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[size=120][color=#0000FF]Arcane Mage[/color][/size]|Weapon : [color=#FF0000]Staff of Souls[/color] Robe : [color=#FF0000]Frozen Robe[/color] Hood : [color=#BF00FF]Hood of the Grim Reaper[/color] Ring : [color=#FF0000]Ring of Intrusion[/color] / [color=#FF0000]Brooch of Darkness[/color] Wing: [color=#FF0000]Pure Crystal Wings[/color] / [color=#BF00BF]Fairy Wings[/color] Pickaxe : [color=#FF00BF]Abyssal Pickaxe[/color] / [color=#8000BF]Mithril Pickaxe[/color] Icons : [color=#00BF00]Hydra Icon[/color] / [color=#00BF00]Mana Ancient Icon[/color] Token Bag : [color=#404080]Demon Lord Token[/color] Nickname : [T]he[A]

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