Toxic Player Sleimor stole Hatred

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Re: Toxic Player Sleimor stole Hatred

Post by FlyingCow » Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:15 am

Since I was portrayed as some kind of a corrupt policeman type gonna explain things from my perspective: I wake up and see that 1.29 version of game is released and greenFruit is working on new items, which means it's time to start writing things down in txts to later throw stats of new items at people; suddenly Ironie dms me and starts asking to ban Sleimor from discord (you can find whole conversation in screenshot below), I deny his request due to lack of legitimate proof of Sleimor breaking any discord server rules and Ironie proceeds to peace out, then writes up this post which bends narrative to portray himself as some kind of a holy crusader in a world (no pun intended) of toxic bullies. Just as I mentioned in conversation with Ironie there's no real way we can ban "bullies" like Sleimor from playing, best thing to do is dodge joining games hosted by him (since in games he doesn't host he has no power and you can just squelch him) and spread awareness throughout community that his behaviour is greedy and rude so that he gets cut off from majority of it, and there are plenty of bots you can play on even if you don't have official version of the game, but instead of trying to move on from being offended online Ironie decided to take things way too seriously and write this whole essay up about how everyone is wrong and he is right. This was my POV of this situation, thanks for reading.

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Re: Toxic Player Sleimor stole Hatred

Post by Ashmedai » Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:30 am

I find it hard to believe anyone can be as narrow minded as Ironielol, because seriously, yes he ninja'ed Hatred, as Cow said above you can spread awareness and not play with him if you find the idea that revolting.

The banning on Discord is another matter all togheter. Firstly, while we are admin(Cow Whepphew Qweszaq and myself(Listing only Eng ones)) to ban someone from a place were Korean Chinese and English players meet and talk just because he ninja'ed and item and throws shit at people, is rather petty in my opinion. You can ignore him and if he really bothers you that much you can also block him on Discord.

Now please stop prostating yourself as a mighty Crusader(Good one Cow) and as Sleimor said, get off your high horses, this thing happened before and it will keep happening. If you really feel you can't live with this kind of thing, player other kinds of games or somehow, convince gF to map ban Sleimor.
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