viktors - taking powders

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viktors - taking powders

Post by Amantalado » Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:20 am

Topic: viktors, powder theft
My Name: Amantalado
Reporting: viktors - Green
Reason: About 27 minutes into the game, viktors took the powders from the mage tower without telling anyone to summon the raid boss Count, again without telling anyone. We talked about which raid bosses we were going to do multiple times throughout the game, and kept asking if there were any others that anyone wished to be done, and without a word viktors takes half the remaining powders that we intended to use for the bosses we had talked about. Powder that he did not load in with, and the only instance of him guarding the yeti was a minute before he ninjas the powder after harvesting a grand total of 1 tooth. The rushed nature and complete silence of him going about this leads me to think he intended to solo count fast enough to be within the rules for not needing to roll for the drops and have the items for himself, but this is heavily underhanded and the Sniper of our group caught on and followed him to the Count. He dropped air by the way.
This really is something that should have been solvable in game, as Count is one the easier raid boss to get powders for. Literally all we would've needed from him was 3 words "I want Count", or hell even 1 word "Count" and it would have been enough justification to add Count to the list of bosses we intended to do. But instead this is what he does.
The replays attached, or it should be. He left the game shortly after we did ML and he failed the roll for the drop.
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Re: viktors - taking powders

Post by Azuredrago » Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:04 pm

I would say he s doing it from time to time. HE s totally out of control.