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Re: Design a character!

Post by poltor » Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:52 pm

Mercenary (AGI)

EX Imperial Solider. Now he is sellgun with personal grudges

base stats
str 3
agi 5(main stat)
int 1

Character revolves on his magic bullets wich are represented by mana. Each auto attack consume 1 bullet (1mana) and deal bonus magic damage(scale with main stat or AD). When bullet are depleted, Mercenary can still attack and use certain skills but lose some bonuses. Base amount of total mana(clip size) for mercenaries should be somewhere between 10-20.

D Reload - For short peroid of time(about 0.5-1s) diables auto attacks and skills and fully reloads magazine(recharge all mana). Reloading at right time (max 1-2 sec after emptying magazine)
results in bullet time bonus, wich increase attack speed.

Q Lucky Shots - Next 3 shoots deal magic damage. If u have bullets to consume they will be used for more damage and healing

W Silver Bullets - Double bullets magic damage for period of time.

E Boom headshot! - Passive crit/magic crit. Self explanatory. All other skills (Q W T F) can proc from it.

R Smoke Nade - Covers targeted area with smoke Enemie within smoke have reducet hit chance. Standing in smoke for a second reload ur weapon(Can occur only once per smoke wihtout bullet time

T Charged Shot - Mercenary start channeling his bullets. Each channeled bullet inrease released attack damage exponentially with a limit of 5 stacks. Then release it as singe powerfull shoot.

F Pray&Spray - Release all stored bullets in burst. Dealing damage in cone for each bullet used. Ultimate duration goes as long as bullet count allow for it(can use smoke bomb for longer
duration etc).

Item specialities consits of items increasing max ammo count/increasing reload speed/ increasing max T charge level