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Write a Guide Event!

Post by greenFruit » Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:59 pm

Event Details
Write a guide about the character you play!
It must be newbie-friendly; it should include following at the bare minimum.
  • Basic description of character (raid role, what's special about this character compared to others, difficulty, etc.)
  • Basic description of all skills
  • Recommended item builds and how to make them (until Skeletal King Desperia level, at least)
  • What to do at boss fights (until Skeletal King Desperial level, at least)
Other tips are also a plus.
The guide must be up-to-date to v0.19c version, and decent effort must be put into them for me to consider them.
You may reuse any old guides that you've posted outside of the event.

Event Duration
Event lasts from 2018/09/22 ~ 2018/10/06 23:59 UTC.
Post your guides at Hero Discussion section.

I will pick the best out of submitted guides, compile them into a post and pin it at the top of Hero Discussion sectionas 'Helpful Character Guides'
I will also pick top 5 guides to give out rewards, based on how helpful I consider them
(additional effort/readability/helpful picture annotations can be a plus but the ones that I mentioned are the most important factors)

Keep in mind that the decision is all on me so it can be fairly subjective. I will try best to not be prejudiced about anything though.

Event Rewards
For any guide that was compiled into the post, I will provide the author of the guide with a Character Bag.

The top 5 winners will receive a character costume of their choice (of the character you've posted your guide on)
In addition, they may choose one of the following in addition to the costume:
  • Title (account-bound)
  • Character Bag (account-bound)
  • Character Rod (code-bound; the one that follows you around!)
  • Wing Skin (code-bound; I can only provide ones that are obtainable in-game)
Do not link to other people's guides.
Character Bag/Rod may have their models changed in the future if the base model (the model for the character itself) is changed.
You cannot give your rewards to anyone else. It must be the account that YOU use, not anyone else.
You cannot save rewards (ex. you cannot hold off for now and ask for costumes that are released later).
Rewards will be removed if any misconduct is found.