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PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:14 am 
Kobolt Lord

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need know all about skills of sniper please :D

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:09 pm 
Dragon Turtle

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Passive - You gain only half attack speed from agaility, and any damage you deal debuffs enemies with sniper's mark which increases skill dmg you deal to them and gives you vision

Q - When toggled on, you have multishot up to 4 targets, and every 5(?) arrows that hit with your basic attacks increase your base agaility and attack speed by 10% (That is the green number you see)
When toggled off, every 6th basic attack does 6x(?)your agi magic dmg

W - When you use it, it knocks you back, and shoots some arrows that do some dmg. It also consumes the stacks from your q to do 50% increased dmg per stack. It can do some incredible dmg with 5 q stacks.

E - After channeling for like 0,5-1s, you shoot out a ball that knocks back non-boss enemies, and slows everything hit by a lot.

R - Explosive arrow. It has a charge system. Every few basic attacks grant you a charge of it, and when you are out of charges, you can't use it. It has a few interactions with other skills:
-If used with Q toggled off (just like a basic attack), your next basic attack will shoot out an explosive arrow, doing some nice dmg and stunning the target
-If used with Q toggled on, you shoot out explosive arrows at multiple enemies, just like your basic attacks with Q toggled on. Note that these explosions deal half dmg opposed to using with Q toggled off, but the explosions can overlap, resulting in a potential 2x dmg with 4 explosions overlapping from 4 enemies near each other.
-If used with E, you shoot out an explosive ball that knocks enemies back, and stun them when the ball explodes. Note that bosses doesnt get knocked back, and the R part of E does its dmg only at the explosion.
-If used with T, it simply increases its dmg and adds a stun

T - After channeling for like 0,5-1s, you shoot out a massive arrow, doing insane amounts of dmg to the target, and knocking you back meanwhile. All enemies that stand between your target and you takes reduced dmg.

F - It has 2 parts:
-If used from a range, you shoot out a massive explosive arrow that does shitton of dmg, doing increased dmg when enemies are below 60%(?) life, and you get knocked back.
-If used from close range, you shoot out a barrage of rockets that stun and do shitton of dmg, meanwhile constantly knocking you back. This form of ult does more dmg the lower your enemy's life is, so it can do absolutely insane amounts of dmg to a low life target.

Because of how passive works, you ALWAYS want to have your passive on enemies before you start doing your dmg, that is the most important thing.

If you still have answers, and you don't understand something, just ask, and I'll try to answer.

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