Added information about boss kills

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Added information about boss kills

Post by crucibles » Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:10 am

If it is feasible, would it be possible that there is a counter of how many times you killed a boss overall? And it will be added in the load code txt file.


function PreloadFiles takes nothing returns nothing

call Preload( "---------------------------------------" )
call Preload( "User Name: pebbles" )
call Preload( "Played Version: 0.18d" )
call Preload( "Compatible Version: 0.13c ~" )
call Preload( "Class: Sniper" )
call Preload( "Level: 420" )
call Preload( "Current EXP / EXP needed to level: 8840900 / 8883000" )
call Preload( "---------------------------------------" )
call Preload( "Item 1. Ring of Resonance" )
call Preload( "Item 2. Alkate, the True Unholy Bow" )
call Preload( "Item 3. Infected Tentacle" )
call Preload( "Item 4. Cruoris, the Armor of Blood" )
call Preload( "Item 5. Corrupt Crystal Wings" )
call Preload( "Item 6. Grim Visage" )
call Preload( "---------------------------------------" )
call Preload( "Item 1. Frozen Cobweb" )
call Preload( "Item 2. Frorist" )
call Preload( "Item 3. Lifestone" )
call Preload( "Item 4. Dragonbow Aience" )
call Preload( "Item 5. Dragon Scale" )
call Preload( "Item 6. Cape of the Dead" )
call Preload( "Item 7. Dragon Scale" )
call Preload( "Item 8. Crossbow of Requiem" )
call Preload( "Item 9. Crimson Stone" )
call Preload( "Item 10. Icicle Bow" )
call Preload( "Item 11. Waterfall Shoes" )
call Preload( "Item 12. Orichalcum" )
call Preload( "Item 13. Sturdy Pickaxe" )
call Preload( "Item 14. Vest of Protection" )
call Preload( "Item 15. Bloodstone" )
call Preload( "Item 16. Ancient Writings" )
call Preload( "Item 17. A Page of the Bible" )
call Preload( "Item 18. Mithril" )
call Preload( "Item 19. Adamantium" )
call Preload( "---------------------------------------" )
call Preload( "Item 1. Green Powder" )
call Preload( "Item 2. White Powder" )
call Preload( "Item 3. Holy Powder" )
call Preload( "Item 4. Red Powder" )
call Preload( "Item 5. Blue Powder" )
call Preload( "---------------------------------------" )
call Preload( "Load Code: -load b#YGx-gyl#v-VeyxK-94cmH-$4W%p-97awM-pW1LE-Dg$5r-xt9c4-5o#Zg-BZ0%U-4q@jk-@" )
call PreloadEnd( 0.1 )

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Re: Added information about boss kills

Post by heki » Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:35 am

hm...not bad

if possible.

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Re: Added information about boss kills

Post by Urim03 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 12:02 pm

it would be irrelevant. Game has no way to know how many you killed unless you do a new save at the end of each game. If you farm mithrill and you killed 30 ML to get it, then you save, it'll only count 1. Even if you had will to do that every game it means you would have no powder at starting of each game, making every single run longer. Also what do you consider as kill, finnish blow ? Damage boss with it dying by someone (you included) ? Be in game when it dies ? Unless you plan on mentionning all of those, it would still be quite irrevelant.

So as far as I can see, it would be much work to add that to game for at best 1-5 player actually saving everytime to get the count to get most likely bad stats. It'll be much easier for you and for the team you play with and for the map maker to do that count yourself, you'll also get some meaningful number. You could even list kills with drop on excel (which I was doing for few endgame boss for some time).

this is an example of me 4 years ago, I stopped count long long ago.
My excel was showing number of kills, what drop, who gets it and some more. It takes few seconds after every game to note that, and 1/60 min of excel preparation for first time depending on how much information you wanna put in, and how good you are with it. If you just want to list kills you can just make a count, and add 1 everytime, this takes literally no time to set up and keep track.
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Re: Added information about boss kills

Post by crucibles » Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:10 pm

A local storage for a specific file for each char, may be possible? The idea could be in another file, not in the save file txt.

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Re: Added information about boss kills

Post by Senn » Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:34 pm

You are asking for incredibly difficult things that you can do yourself without much hasle (as urim mentioned, keep a log of kills in text file yourself if you care that much even tho it makes no difference). And what you are asking for is impossible to implement as you imagined it.
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