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Into the North, with the Shadow Dragon!

Hello and welcome to my Shadow Dragon's Guide!
I hope you brought Tacos with you, because there is alot to read.
This is the hardest boss available in the game as of Season 4, versions 04.
The difficulty is way greater then the one you encountered when you first reached Skeleton Lord and Zombie Lord.
This was not written for bragging rights in any way. I have killed this monster more times then some people, less than others.
It was mostly written between 2 and 4AM , so there might be alot of typos (Very Sorry...not really, I can't type even at 1PM).
Please leave your Comments/Questions/Suggestions and I will make sure to read them. The thread might get cleaned once in a while if too much spam happens.
(Yes I'm talking to you damn trolls that wanted to have new items that cost 16x Fragments to craft.)
Any and all feedback is appreciated, and Thanks for taking time to read!

Want to jump quickly to a certain section?
Well don't be lazy and hit CTRL + F!
Shadow Dragon Spells
The Fight
Tips (Including Individual Hero Tips)
End Notes

Preparations :

8 Players, 5 red powders, 12 blue powders. (For faster runs make sure to have 17 powders to load each game, Holies excluded.)
Optional : Candies (You always want to use some before the fight for buffs, aswell as bring some into the fight for a quick backup healing), Alchemist's Potions and anything you can think of.

Shadow Dragon Stats :
29,821,000 Health Points, 1090 Armor, 122722-122729 Chaos Damage. Has Multi-target attack (Can hit up to 3 targets at once).
Big Mini-Drake Stats (1)
16,251,200 Health Points, 1090 armor, 107185-107192 Hero Damage.
The Drake gain damage reduction over time.
Mini-Drakes Stats (3) :
8,125,600 Health Points, 800 Armor, 53593-53600 Chaos Damage.
The Drakes gain damage reduction over time.


During this entire guide, the spell names are the ones we use for our own SD runs (May not be the real name).
Timers are approximations since it is pretty hard to get exact timers when the boss gets interrupted/stunned.

"Degeneration Aura" : (Similar to Rectus area damage over time)
When you awake SD, everyone will start taking damage over time.
The aura does 10% health damage per second.
The damage over time increases the longer the fight goes on. (Aura resets when Phase 2 Starts and when Phase 3 Starts)

"Shadow Breath" : (Big black linear attack (Similar to SK Getsuga))
During Phase 1 and Phase 3, SD will use this spell on a random target unit.
During Phase 2, the Drakes will use this spell on a random target unit.(Half the damage)
This spell does alot of damage to units hit. (ABOUT 50% of max health + 10k as magic damage for SD and the Big Mini-Drake, ABOUT 25% of max health + 5k magic damage for the small Mini-Drakes)
Affected units will not be able to heal for the duration.
Use a shield if available to counter the debuff.
* Casting time: 1 second
* Cooldown time: 9 seconds
* Duration: 6 seconds

"ROTR" (Draconic Skin): (Ring of the reaper active spell, Green aura like Acolytes in ZL Area).
During Phase 1 and Phase 3, SD will use this spell.
During Phase 2, The Big Mini-Drake will use this spell.
Any damage done to SD while under the effect of "ROTR" will be absorbed. (Damage taken is converted into healing)
Can be canceled with a "Break" ability.
* Casting time: Immediately
* Duration: 3 seconds
* Cooldown time: 15 seconds

"Darkness" : (Name of person infected called, Purple immolation around the target)
During Phase 1 and Phase 3, SD will call out a person's name. (May not occur on Phase 1 all the time depending on DPS)
During Phase 2, the Big Mini-Drake will call out a person's name. (May not occur all the time depending on DPS and Stuns)
Allies within 800 range will take alot of damage the longer they stay around the targeted hero. (Similar to Hatred on FN)
Deals 40% of max hp + 6k as magic damage.
Run away from the team if your name comes up.
* Casting time: 2 seconds
* Debuff time: 15 seconds
* Cooldown time: 20 seconds

"Super Armor" : (Yellow text : SUPER ARMOR)
During Phase 1, SD will use this spell.
Cannot be canceled with a "Break" ability.
* Casting time: Immediately
* Duration: 3 seconds, or from 100 to 0 mana
* Cooldown Time: Whenever he reaches 100 mana(Gains mana when receiving stun and icing effects.), so about 5 seconds.

"Silence" : (Purple circle)
During Phase 2 and Phase 3, SD will place a circle under a hero.
The circle stays there for 45 seconds, unless Detonated. (6 circles can be up at the same time maximum)
You have two seconds to react and get away if you dont want it to detonate.
If detonated, the heroes in the range of the spell will be slowed and silenced momentarily.
* Casting time: Immediately
* Debuff duration: 5 seconds
* Cooldown time: 8 seconds

"Seed " : (Hatred mark on FN)
Shadow Drakes gives "Seed" debuff to all players when they die.
(If seeds are dispelled by WiM's T Spell (With Spirit Dagger) or by the Paladin's DRR combo, the seeds still explode)
The Seed lasts 5 seconds, which instantly kills other players near you when it expires or is dispelled.
Seeds restore Shadow Drake's health when activated.
The duration is refreshed each time you get affected by a new "Seed".
* Debuff duration: 5 seconds

"Link" (Eternity Link) : (Bright white lines Similar to Elemantalist's Elemental Link Spell)
During Phase 3, SD will use this spell on 2 heroes, linking itself with these targets.
Both heroes need to run opposite of eachother and break the "Link".
If the linked distance exceeds 2000 range, the "Link" will be broken.
If the "Link" is not broken within 10 Seconds, both players will die.
If one of the heroes linked dies, the other hero will die aswell.
* Casting time: Immediately
* Duration: You have 10 seconds to break the "Link".
* Cooldown time: 15 seconds

"Big Boom" (Dark Dragon Blast) : (Pink circle similar to Death Knight's (T) Spell)
During Phase 3, SD will place a big Pink circle under a Hero.
A few seconds after the circle has been placed, SD will send a Huge Attack on the target, killing anyone in range instantly.
* Casting time: 3 seconds
* Cooldown time: 30 seconds

-Setting up-
First summon and kill Mage Lord. (5 red powders at the two snowmen near the mage tower entrance, this isn't a ML guide tho.)
Once Mage Lord is dead, give 12 Blue powders to the old man in the SD area. (Medivh model)
When SD area is accessible, run to the left island and get buffed/use candies etc.
When everyone is ready, use Embrace of Nature's Active spell if available, then start running!

Phase 1 :
Phase 1 starts when the first unit reaches SD.
Do not use ultimates on this Phase.

DPS SD until 50% HP. Stay on his right side during this whole Phase.
You may use a break ability on the ROTR to fasten the first Phase DPS.
If "Darkness" is casted on you, run to the bottom of the right island and make sure you stay alive. (Priest and other heroes/items can help)
When SD reaches 50%, everyone should run to the right island and start Phase 2.

Phase 2 :
Phase 2 starts when SD reaches 50% hp and summons 3 Small Mini-Drakes and 1 Big Mini-Drake. (One side will have the small ones and the second side will have the big one)
You will want to use 1, or perhaps 2 ultimates on each side, helped with alot of AOE abilities from other teammates.

When the mini-drakes get summoned, everyone should be running to the side where the 3 Small Mini-Drakes spawned. (3 Souls flying from SD) U
It is best if the 3 drakes die at the same time (or close), so use AOE spells preferably.
When the drakes die, they will give a debuff to everyone in range. (Seed)
Everyone should then run to their designated spots and await the debuff explosion.
When the debuff elapses (or dispelled), it will detonate killing everyone in close range instantly.
When the debuff elapses (or dispelled), it will fully heal any mini-drakes still alive within the range.
After the explosion has occured, regroup in the center of the island, await a heal and shield, then run accross to the other island.
Repeat what you did on the right side, but with the Big Mini-Drake this time.

The Big Mini-Drake has access to more spells then the Small ones, so be careful. AoE abilities aren't that needed for this side. Try and stun the Drake as much as possible.
If "Darkness" is casted on you, run to the bottom of the right island and make sure you stay alive. (Priest and other heroes/items can help)

When all 4 mini-drakes are dead, Phase 3 starts.

Phase 3 :
Phase 3 starts when the 4 mini-drakes are dead.
Use the rest of the ultimates on this Phase.

When Phase 3 starts, You should immidiately take up your Phase 3 starting positions.
Await the end of the first "ROTR", and start the final stretch of DPS.
If "Darkness" is casted on you, run to one of the islands and make sure you stay alive. (Priest and other heroes/items can help)
If you are "linked", one person should run to the right island and the other to the left island.
If you see "Big Boom" casted or a bright pink circle on the floor ("Big Boom" target), run away from the target.

(Things to help you avoid stupid mistakes and overall make the fight easyer)

Use as many shields as you need. (Oaths and Roses help alot)
If you have 2 shields excluding the priest, Use one when you regroup after the right side "Seed", and one when you reach the left side.
If you have 3 shields excluding the priest, Use one when you are ready to disperse on the right side, one when you regroup after the right side "Seed", and one when you reach the left side.
The priest should have a ring to reset his own shield spell (R) or a shield item of his own (Oath/Rose).
It is best to use a shield on the start of Phase 2, or if SD casts Darkness on the first Phase.
The shield will be ready to use when you split on the left side, refresh this one so you have one left on Phase 3.

It is preferable to have a Second healing hero like a Wind Mage helping on this fight so it goes smoother.
Many items can help when silenced like Robe of the Necromancer, Creation, Helm of Battle, Draconic Skin Rusalka, etc.
These items will help you furfill your role better then sitting there and singing a song to yourself while auto-attacking the boss since you are silenced.
Soul Eater/Hood of Apocrypha are also great items to have since you can use them while silenced, check with your priest to see when your team needs them.
Spirit Dagger on Wind Mage can be good if the player knows when and how to use his T spell and prevent Seeds to your team.( If seeds are dispelled by this or by the Paladin's DRR combo, the seeds still explode)
Frozen Robe and candies can help you survive when you split off to await "Seed" detonations.

This fight is all about supporting heroes. Of course you need some DPS, but staying alive is often the key of this fight.
Don't be shy to use team combinations with 3 or even 4 supports within : Priest/SW/WiM/AM/Ele/Paladin/Knight/Alchemist/Shooter etc.
Some supporting heroes can also gather the mini drakes on the sides to help your dps do a better targeted AOE attack.

You need the right mix of supporting and dpsing heroes to kill this boss, it won't work to just throw spells and hope for the best.
You might lack AOE damage for drakes, FM or DK are great burst AOE heroes that can help!
You might lack Single target damage for Phase 3. Grab an Assassin, a Swordsman or a Thunderer to bring it down quickly!
(Ban the Assassins that combo on ROTR and heal 15% HP in a second or two.)

Individual Hero Tips
This is a section where you will find tips and startegies for each hero currently in the game. I did not write them myself, I asked around for main hero players to help me out to fill this section.

spawn all the pots needed before fight, support/dps heros should take debuff removal if they have no ams and dps should take sd/stat pot based on hero
EQ whole team while priest/sw buffs on left side(most important for meele's who use attack dmg)
during fight make sure to spam WREW on dps to give them mr/sd and spam cannons on sd and the big side dragon (use WW to heal people if needed)
alc can ult whenever as he does decent aoe dmg and single target, but probably best time would be 3rd phase after 1st rotr. Start charging right after split of 2nd drake side and spam cannons/heals while charging then after 2nd rotr when super armor is down land 3-4 meteors on ult stun
you can spam QR on the mini drakes as they should be stunned most of the time to deal decent dmg and summon golem outside of area before fight to be able to tele it in and use W debuff as needed(+6% dmg taken)

Arcane Mage

for 1st phase run in and Q then TR(invis)WQE after ROTR is broken
when team splits for drakes after 1st phase try to stay in middle to make sure the single big drake doesnt get lured over to team(Q to break invis then drag him over to his side then when invis breaks he will run back to his spawning location)
if side drakes need dps you can WF either sides stack to get 100% crit f and deal decent aoe dps
3rd phase is where sin really shines, you need to TR(invis)WQE(F if saved) after 1st rotr is broken to proc BOOM spell, then while spamming Q to keep stacks up stay alive and dodge spells while dealing dps every WE/TRWQE cd
protip: you can use sin invis to block/dodge the silence circles and breath spell debuffs if you react in time or get lucky with timing


Bow Master
1. First phase. BM should use his R + aa till R end, then add 2x Q and W. After phase end BM should us E to add movement speed for his team + heal them while cross water to land with 3 drakes.

2. Second phase minis/big. On 3 mini drakes u have to use T at right moment depend of team and who have to ULT them. Your job is to keep them in stun how long is possible not to spam everything like crazy, you have to think. On big one, if u are person who ULT him, keep ur R till he cast/end his ROTR (Healing shield) after that u insta R keep aa and when R is close to end you have to ULT him from far enough to do right dmg + spam ur Q to keep him in stun. If you will have refresh then R + aa + T + Ult. Remember ROTR Can be cast twice if dps will be too slow, so you have to ult a bit faster if u got refresh on T, cuz you will ULT in to healing shield. When He is close to die us ur E to again heal ur teammates and add them movement speed.

3. Last third part. Wait till RoTR get breaked or just wait till it end then spam ur Q when you have stack + spam W when cd down how often is possible. Care on link and run with ur E if ur hp coming low. About Mark same think keep ur E for it and go for one of lands and stay out of ur teammates till it end. Your E is pretty important to makes u alive + ofc can use it when u see one of teammate has low hp. Spam R+T how often is possible just keep in mind when u using ur R you have to aa cuz its adding lot of dmg, without it ur R is twice weaker on dmg. Thats mostly what you have to do on SD with BM.


Dark Knight

link water ele on left side before start to buff team and have summons ready and off cooldown for when fight starts
depending on which drake side needs dps(ele usually would dps 1st side with 3 drakes) you F and gather/dps the drakes with all summons/ult/dps
when 3rd phase starts(after drakes when SD becomes vul again) try to rebuff team with water ele as it will help dps
communicate with the priest/other support players when to use DR combo for tree shield as its invaluable in SD
always keep water healing autocast on and use healing wave as needed, link to tree if you feel you need to survive better or lightning ele for some dps
your main role is mostly support and to dps the 1st drake side, make sure you are communicating when shields will happen for smooth runs

Fire Mage



Martial Artist



Shooter (Int and Agi)

Soul Weaver


As SM, all spell must basically be spammed at exception of T and F. You'll have right to use T twice and F once only. Keep a T for the end, the first T can either be used on first side your team will go on, or on begining to do first 50% of SD in smoother way. Mostly use T in a support way rather than for yourself. Ultimate is a good 2M damage, but doesn't fit much in SM's combo. Don't fear to use it somewhere else if you see you are lacking stun/damage.

Also, when your team is waiting for dark seed to explode, you can directly rush big mini drake and start damage him. That way he'll cast rotr sooner, will quite free your team of that spell. Though remember you have to keep E to stunlock big mini drake while rotr, that way he won't cast shadow breath, which can be a deadly spell. If you manage to do that, big mini will be quite easier for your team.

Use break after ams done on the 1st phase
Use your ams from helmet when shield is on cd or you silenced with circle or got shadow breathe debuff, use candy while ams active situationally
wait for the 1st rotr on the last phase and use your break again (no need to say it should be used with all stacks, since its quick and burst phase), be carefull not to be using it late since boom circle might appear rather quickly
Use your ulti after rotr on 3rd to proc boom or after boom usually, but take care about another absorb after boom proced

Water Mage
A watermage is mostly a support/stunner hero, keep that in mind, don't focus too much on damage. As usual, try to keep your team buffed with your W. You'll ultimate a side, because WM ultimate is really strong against that. Might be the triple mini drake or the big mini drake, it's good on both, will depend on composition. Try to not break a stun with Q except under ultimate or on last phase of SD, where stuns matter a bit less.
NEVER do DR combo, or you'll consume the strong debuff given by your D. Use D when you feel your team will do much damage in the next 6 sec. Remember that your D is damage resistance reduction, so it also empower physical damage and pure damage. Other than that, focus on stun minis as much as possible, debuff drake and buff allies. If you do so, then you would have done a great job for your team.
Try to get eternal rose for this run so you can help your team with one/two strong shield and some bonus MR.

Wind Mage

place 2 wards down instant with max mana then Q to bring him down to 50% for first phase
depending which mini drake side needs dps the most you can ult or use 2 ward T to deal good aoe/single target damage to either side, that being said its probably best to use ult for drakes and save full dps of T for 3rd phase after rotr
shield breath/silence/darkness with E whenever possible make sure wards are always active with max mana

Lower your Graphic Settings if you have bad FPS, or if the game is laggy.
Make sure to have prepared your positions for Phases 2 and 3, it is important to try and live as long as possible.
In the entire SD area, the water hurts you more then if you were simply on the snow, stay out of it whenever possible!
When the first unit reaches SD, the area becomes sealed and you cannot re-enter/pass the barrier that appears at the entrance of the killing area.
If you have a DK in the team, make sure he doesn't use his T spell at Phase 3 Part 1. The Big Boom target is of similar color/shape and might confuse people.

Picking the best team composition to suit your needs is always the first place to start. (You should know what all the classes do and what they bring to the party at this point, hopefully)
You will want :
Soul Weaver (Or Water Mage for MR buffs)
Breaker(Generally a Knight, Lancer with refresh ring works too)
Secondary Healer (Wind Mage/Paladin/Alchemist/Shooter)
Four DPS Heroes (Elementalist can be DPS and Support, because BAMBAMBAM Ult)

Now you have to make sure everyone is equipped correctly and have the knowledge of the fight. (Watch replays noobs!)
Make sure you have some extra shields and healings options, 1-3 Candy Bags to use when you load, and a good attitude.
Pick your spots on Phases 2 and 3.
Pick who gathers and who ults where/when.
Grab a beer and some Tacos, and be sure to hit the Restroom before starting.
Don't Push the number of runs you do just because you can. When you learn the fight, theres a ton of fails and mistakes that happen.
SD Runs are also very exhausting since they can take 15mins each or more with the loading, and you only fight 3 minutes.

Ok, example time! Let's assume you have the following team :
Priest (Necromancer's Robe + Ring of Intrusion/Eternal Rose are important, rest is a bonus)
Soul Weaver (AMS Robe (Sage/Necro/Rusalka) + Oath/Eternal Rose are important here)
Wind Mage (Pipe to allow other supports to use shield rings)
Knight (Shield if possible)
Fire Mage (SE + Frozen Robe or AMS Robe (Sage/Necro/...Rusalka lol?))
Dark Knight (It's a DK, use combo and die and you're still good, but SE can be of great value)
Lancer (Shield if Possible)
Assassin (Don't die and don't heal on ROTR)

Knight uses Ult on Big Mini-Drake.
Soul Weaver gathers Small Mini-Drakes.
Dark Knight uses Ult on Big Mini-Drake.
Fire Mage uses Ult on Small Mini-Drakes.
Priest uses Ult 1st part of Phase 3
Assassin uses Ult 1st part of Phase 3
Wind Mage uses Ult 2nd part of Phase 3
Lancer uses Ult 2nd part of Phase 3

This all means the following :

Phase 1
You Start the fight.
Break the ROTR as they come.
Shield team if Darkness Occurs.
Damage until 50% HP.

Phase 2 Part 1
Everyone runs to the Small Mini-Drakes side.
Priest Shields grouped team.
Soul Weaver gathers the Drakes with ultimate.
Fire Mage uses full Ult combo.
Rest of team adds DPS until drakes die.
Just before your team splits off, Oath/Rose #1 is used.
Run to designated spots. Use Candies and other survival tools to stay alive.
Seed explodes.
Regroup in the middle of the Island, Oath/Rose #2 is used.

Phase 2 Part 2
Run to the left side.
Oath/Rose #3 is used, or Priest shields grouped team if shield items are depleted.(Refresh Priest Shield if its the case)
Dark Knight uses full Ultimate Combo.
Rest of team adds DPS until drakes die.
Just before your team splits off, Priest Shields grouped team.
Run to designated spots. Use Candies and other survival tools to stay alive.

Phase 3 Part 1

Everyone runs to their Designated Phase 3 Spot.
Priest uses Field on the main island near the bottom rock.
Break Links as they come.
Break ROTR as they come.
Wait until first ROTR is over.
Assassin uses full Ultimate combo to Lure the "Big Boom" Spell.

Phase 3 Part 2
Run Away from the targetted area, await Boom to hit. (Hopefully nobody dies)
Shield Items used previously might be ready when you reach this Phase, so dont forget to use them!
Full Damage with everything that is left.
Break Links as they come.
Break ROTR as they come.
If second Big Boom appears, run away from it.
Shadow Dragon Kill rewards the last hitter with 1001 gold.
High Fives all around.
Drop is Ninja'd.

I am not the leader of any team what-so-ever, but I do steal all the tacos, so that makes me Tacos Lord.
We are always looking for more people to help us out on SD, if you want to either learn the fight or participate in trying to kill the damned thing, let me know.
Preferably people that main these classes so they have alot of experience and know what their heroes are used.
Preferably people with end game gear.

We are always looking for people to fill the following classes/roles (No guarantees that there will be slots available):

Backup Priest (We only have one active priest at the moment learning the fight, and he cannot always be online. If we can one day manage to get more then one run going at the same time, it would be amazing.)
Backup Knight (We only have one player playing Knight as a main hero, if he is unavailable, we could use one on standby because Lancer can't break every single ROTR.)
Secondary Supports (We currently only have one SW main as far as supports goes(other then priest). Other support mains would be welcome, even if only to be backups.)
We pretty much have a huge assortment of DPS to pick from, but a secondary Fire Mage or Dark Knight wouldn't hurt.
As for melee DPS, let's just say I could trade them for 1 taco each and open a taco stand for a whole week.

I am in no way an expert at this game/boss. But I felt like many people had no clue how hard the boss can be at first, even Zombie Lord isn't easy when you aren't experienced and have little to no good items.
So I decided to write all this beautiful text just so you could hopefully learn something new, and if you ever get to the point that you are ready for the boss, you know the basics!
If I missed anything or should change something, let me know!
Credit goes to the people that have participated in attempts and kills, for finding out stuff that I, and you, are too stupid to find out by ourselves.
Watching Koreans replays and reading on their forum is also a great way to learn stuff, helped me understand alot.
The Strat Example could be the best one, who knows, we don't run the boss on a regular basis. I listed what we have done multiple times.
If you have any questions about the roles of certain heroes on SD, know items that would be useful that we might not have thought about, or just stuff that I, or Perhaps even everyone else missed, feel free to point them out.
Any Suggestions is welcomed, if you are too shy just PM me, I don't bite, I only buff.
If you would like to learn more or participate in Shadow Dragon runs, let me know what hero and gear you have vis PM and ill get back to you as fast as possible.
I will answer any and all questions either posted here or sent in PM with the best of my knowledge. But I ain't Perfect, so there might be stuff that ain't right.
Add me on Garena Plus : TPlus15

Items List :
Shadow Dragon drops thread (replays) :
Other Boss Guides :
Korean Forum :

May the Supports rule the world, screw the DPS nubs.

Added Links
Fixed images
Updated whole guide to reflect the S4 0.05b Version
Added the Individual Hero Tips Section

Support Main.

Tacos 4 life.

Shadow Dragon Guide

Soul Weaver
Weapon : Hell Raiser / Earth Soul Benziena
Robe : Robe of the Holy Saint Diana / Draconic Skin Rusalka
Hood : Hood of Apocrypha
Ring : Eternal Rose / Ring of Divine Light
Wings :Grim Heart / Soul of the Dead / Embrace of Nature
Skin : Summer Dress
Token : Halloween Kid

Blood Weaver
Weapon : Staff of Parasite
Robe : Fairy Garment
Hood : Eye of the Abyss
Ring : Trueblood Ring
Wings : Fairy Wings

Weapon : Blazing Soul
Armor : Earthen Plates
Helm: Crown of Fervor
Ring : Ring of Intrusion / Bone Necklace / Latea
Wings : Wings of Fury


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Here are two replays we had fun making :

The first one was without any SM/SD level gear(beside me using Rusalka for lack of any robe beside Diana/Rusalka). Some people had to use no hats :)

The second one was trying to split the team and kill both sides at the same time.

This was just for fun and trying new things! Enjoy!

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Support Main.

Tacos 4 life.

Shadow Dragon Guide

Soul Weaver
Weapon : Hell Raiser / Earth Soul Benziena
Robe : Robe of the Holy Saint Diana / Draconic Skin Rusalka
Hood : Hood of Apocrypha
Ring : Eternal Rose / Ring of Divine Light
Wings :Grim Heart / Soul of the Dead / Embrace of Nature
Skin : Summer Dress
Token : Halloween Kid

Blood Weaver
Weapon : Staff of Parasite
Robe : Fairy Garment
Hood : Eye of the Abyss
Ring : Trueblood Ring
Wings : Fairy Wings

Weapon : Blazing Soul
Armor : Earthen Plates
Helm: Crown of Fervor
Ring : Ring of Intrusion / Bone Necklace / Latea
Wings : Wings of Fury


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tplus wrote:
Any and all feedback is appreciated

Too much text, my eyes hurt.
my head too actually.

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