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 Post subject: Samael skills explained
PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:58 pm 
Lord of Everfrost

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Post bellow.
EDIT: Credit to Lyn for provided information and translation and Krk for gifs.

Lancer 420

The Lighting Spear of Tiberius/Aglaia, the Spear of Heavenly Flows
Halo of Judgement/Crown of Wrath
Creation/Requiem, the Armor of Lamentation/Ghost Tunic
Latea, the Ring of Chaos/Ring of Intrusion/Brooch of Darkness
Cloak of the Fallen Shadows/Protector of the Skies/Embrace of Nature/Soul Eater/Wings of Fury/Soul of the Dead
Abyssal Pickaxe
Snowman Token

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:25 pm 
Count Wallachia
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-주천사 sameal


* Cancel the damage that you receive with a certain probability. (BLOCK)

* Stun and freeze, when you receive silence effect restore a small amount of mana.

* Do not allow the player to commit suicide with the power of light.

* All players will summon Zadokiel who died.

-Flash of light : ID Flash.


* Call the name of the player and present Flash to the called player.

* Activate unconditionally even in a rigid state through silence or stun.

* Flash throws to the player who called seven times of Flash while turning around the sameal.

* Throw one Flash every second.

* Add about 20,000 magical damage to players and give a stun for 0.5 seconds.

* Casting time: instantly notify the player's name, throw in 3 seconds

* Duration: 10 seconds, or stop using the referee

* Reuse standby time: 10 seconds after the last Flash ends

-Judgment of light : 너희 인간들은 절대로 벗어날 수 없다!!


*This ability is used when HP of sameal reaches 80%, 40%.

* Immediately it becomes unattackable state and it will not be damaged. (Invincible state)

* When total HP becomes 95%, 55%, reuse activation condition of Judgment of light will recover soon.

* Move to same place where sameal appeared and summon around players.

* The barrier is formed so that you can not go outside the scope of Judgment of light.

* Yellow circular pattern will be summoned and held for 18 seconds.

-Glyph of Light


* Summon the Glyph of Light within the range of 1000 around the sameal.

* Glyph of Light is maintained for 1 second and has a delay of 0.5 seconds.

* Glyph of Light will disappear Immediately death the player who is on the pattern.

* When player deaths to Glyph of Light, it will restore sameal's HP 20%.

* Casting time: 3 seconds

* Duration: 15 seconds (10 times in total)

* Reuse conditions: 95% of total HP, 55%

-Soul of Light : 사라져라.


* Generate seven small yellow circles around the sameal and below the player.

* When the player rises above it deals about 100,000 damage and decreases the moving speed.

* When the sameal is on the Soul of Light, it recovers about 2 million HP.

* Casting time: immediate, invoked after 0.8 seconds

* Duration: 1.5 seconds

* Reuse standby time: about 20 seconds

-Protection of light


* When the sameal 's HP becomes 60% or less, it will be activated immediately.

* 50% increase in damage reduction during duration will increase.

* It recovers about 400,000 HP every second.

* Casting time: Immediate

* Duration: 4 seconds

* Reuse standby time: about 50 seconds

-Overload 매우 거슬리는구나!!

* Slide the surrounding players 5 times during activation. (Similar to FNM Overload)

* All debugging during invocation is canceled, and it becomes super armor state. (Similar to FNM Overload)

* Casting time: Immediate

* Duration: 5 seconds, or the time to consume from mana 100 to 0, after remaining the mana remaining at the time of using the referee, at the end of the referee, the remaining invocation

* Reuse standby time: When mana reaches 100, cast it. (Stern and Freezing, when you receive a silence effect you recover a small amount of mana.)

-Dominance of light 오라, 빛의 양식들이여


*Judgment of light Use after activation.

* Summarize more than 12 Beads of light at the end of the range of 1000 centered on the sameal. (Like Mana's beads)

* Beads of light will access sameal at a slow rate and recover about 500,000 HP per bead.

* Beads of light gifts about 5 thousand damage to each player.

* Players matching Beads of light will receive a Beads of light debuff.

* Players who received Beads of light debuff have a diminished healing effect.

* Casting time: Immediate

* Duration: Maintain until reaching the player or reaching sameal until it disappears

* Reuse standby time: about 30 seconds

EDIT: Credit to Lyn for provided information and translation.

Some gifs

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